The phrase “Pingas” (often mistaken for penish) originated from the episode ‘Boogey-Mania’ of ‘Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog’ where Dr. Robotnik catches Scratch and Grounder ‘snooping’. Dr. Robotnik then goes on to say, “Snoo*PING AS* usual I see”.

The Youtube Poop Robotnik Has a Viagra Overdose, uploaded in May of 2007 by Stegblog was the first to piece this phrase together which we now know as PINGAS. (NSFW) When the YouTube Poop Robotnik Has a Viagra Overdose was uploaded in May of 2007 the meme didn’t take off. It didn’t take off in fact to almost a year later when McMaNGOS uploaded the video entitled “THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN” thus, a new meme was born ever increasing the fame and proliferation of “PINGAS” the meme is called THIS VIDEO CONTAINS; the definition of the meme involves a picture of Dr. Robotnik (with a face usually super-imposed onto the image) and a phrase or sound to create a song. “Pingas” was the first and most popular phrase to be used in this meme. As a result of this, the phrase “Pingas” has become widespread across many mediums of the internet. Proof of this meme’s popularity includes the amount of searches made for Pingas and Robotnik made on Google