Welcome to the The Secret Wiki of The CrispyChicken Society WikiEdit

A place where people who enjoy chicken and Halo can have fun and can dicuss relevent and unrelevent topics in peace.

Created inhabited and Suistaned by Halo fans.

Chat link Click here for the CHAT. the chat is the focus and heart of the wiki

This is a Wiki where people can discuss, analyze, and "argue" on subjects such ad Halo and really anything else

Admins and Chat ModsEdit

The Admin is CrispyChicken17

Chat Mods are CrispyChicken27 and Jmhaha1


1. We have a Zero tolerance Policy on trollin, spamming, harrasment and disregard for the Mods rules and the users

2. You get two warnings then a kick, Two kicks and a ban, and two bans and a block.

3. For Gods sake have fun!


We are currently working on a Meme list and are brain storming for other things if you have suggestions leave them on this pages talk page

We are working on RvB content and basic Halo pages if you would like any and ALL help would be appreciated


We are hiring mods till we reach the count of five we currently have two to send in a application pm me or request on my talk page thank you